Funny Story

After paintings Herons on The Lake, I decided to do a more colourful, sem- abstract version.

Starting with the sky, I painted a deep blue waving line, then began to add clouds,making them about an inch thick curving lines.

I decided the clouds would look better if I rounded the ends, I was working on it whilst at one of my art groups. As I started on one end of the first cloud, I muttered some thing about the clouds not looking right and I was altering them. My very good friend sitting next to me, looked across and commented, in her Lady Like tone of voice, "They look , er, a little rude actually my dear". After she'd said it, I could see just what she meant, kind of phallic, shall I say? Gasping oh no, and assuring her that had not been my intention, I began to paint the, er, cloud, right out. Several other people, mostly the women, had heard my friends comment, and came running over, keen to see what I was getting up to, and had a good look before I could paint it out. It was really funny, even though it made me feel a little flushed. The final painting, without any clouds, of any style, is shown below. Stop looking for clouds!

Actually, this version is more popular than the first. I have sold some prints.

And then a entered it in a competition, at Light Space and Time. It got Honerable mention and was onemake of the higher catergory. /

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