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Colourful modern flower art by Janet Davies

Flower Delight

Beautiful colourful flowers. 16" x 23.4"42cm x 59cmOrange blue red white yellow. Painted on board£95 inc. post and white frame.

Flower Delight colorful modern art for sale framed ready to hang

Flower Time 16" x 23.4" White frame,

including frame and delivery  £95

Scabious Framed colourful #contemporary #art

Scabious In Summertime 16.5 x 23.4" Mixture of flowers, contemporary, Checking my spelling of Scabious I've learned how it got it's name. Please buy this beautiful artwork before looking it up  £95 inc. white frame and post.

FlowersDelight modern #colourful #art #painting framed

Flower Mix Bright coloured flowers 16" x 23.4" Red Yellow white blue. On board..£95 inc. post ,  White frame.

Flowers By The Lake. 16" x 23" + white frame. £95 including Frame and post,


Spring Flowers, Original painting, paper 20"x 16" overall size, with approx 1" border. £95 including post or arrange pickup your self for a £20 reduction.

Feathered Friends #Painting#birds#art#canvas#contemporary#modern

Feathered Friends

deep,painted, edge canvas,

 24" x 18" 1.5" £95

Wildflowers painting on canvasby Janet Davies

Wildflowers. Art for sale Poppies Daisies and buttercups. Canvas, painted edges.

 16" x 12" (40cm x 30cm) £75

Californian#Poppies and Coast scene #art

Californian Poppy Coast. 15.5" x 11.75"  0.5" deep canvas with painted edges. Blue sky, sea with distant coast and bright orange, modern style poppies. £75

 Pink Floral Fantasy

   15.75" x 15.75" painted edges  Canvas £80 including delivery   

Autumn Leaves Semi-abstract, contemporary art.Canvas board

23"x16.05 £85

Autumn TimeSite.jpg

Crazy Flowers Original art in black frame ready to hang. 21" x 17" £120 including frame and post 

Tulip Time painting £95 Price includes white frame,

Spring Tulips painting, original art  19.75" x 15 .75" on canvas with painted edges 0,5" £95 inc post

Wildflower Mix. painting wildflowers poppys daisys buttercups art for sale

Wildflower Mix. On canvas board Not framed. 20" x 16" £65 inc delivery