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 Landscapes, animals, including, birds.Dartmoor, Dawlish, Exeter and the Quay, Exe Valley, Puppies rabbits deer, antelopes, and Charlie Cat and friends.
  by Janet L Davies.

Charlie ON A Rock.painted stone

Charlie Cat painted on a rock. 4.5" x 3 " approx.

.£5 including delivery. Read the story on his personal page. See menu above.

Rabbit  and Wildflowers. Cute rabbit eating clover. On canvas 19.5" x 19.5" 0.5" deep

£70 including delivery

A Day On #Dartmoor#ponies#

A Day On Dartmoor Three Dartmoor Ponies, a distant moorland landscape, granite boulders.. Canvas with painted edges 18" x 14" 0.5"edge £80

Fresh Air#Stoke#Woods#Framed.#art#painting

Fresh Air ,Woodland painting Inspired by a walk in Stoke Woods, Near Killerton, Devon

22.5" x 17.5" including frame.Ready to hang .£95inc. Post


Exeter Quay2 with Transit Shed

18" x 14 " on canvas board, not framed. Glass not needed. £55 including delivery.                         Also on Art Gallery SW Ltd


Exe Valley In Spring. Rolling hills and colourful fields of Devon, with the River Exe. Impressionism, though almost realistic.

24" x 18" 0.5" deep canvas. £100 inc. post


Exeter High Street The Guild Hall, an ancient, over 800 years, building, shops, banks, a bus, shoppers. Based on Fisheye Lens, art style.. I actually had a reply from the guildhall its self, so it appears, on FaceBook, about this painting.Canvas 23.5" x 15.5" 0.5" deep approx. £75 Special offer

Exeter Cathedral MountedSite.jpg

Exeter Cathedral, Black pen drawing prints on white paper. mounted not framed

16" x 20" £40  with mount


Herons At Sunset  Original on canvas 22" x !6" and .75" deep with painted edges.£95  

Vivid blue, purple, orange sky, reflected in a lake, wild flowers in foreground, three pink herons"

Exeter Cathedral in colour prints

Exeter Cathedral in colour PRINTS printed at

Recieved Special Recognition at.lightspacetime animals-art-exhibition-2019 //

Charlie The Cat and friends

White#swan#painting And blue #Reflections#art#painting

White Swan with beautiful blue reflections in water. 12" x 10" canvas board only £35 including delivery.

The River Exe. Painted from the bridge near Thorverton, Devon. Framed £95


By The River  Relaxing woodland picture of The River Culm, near Exeter,Devon 14" x 10" on paper mounted,, not framed, £65

#Black #Swans Of #Dawlish#art#painting

Black Swans on the riverlet at Dawlish

The emblem of Dawlish, a coastal

town in Devon UK

The swans were introduced to

Dawlish in 1906,brought in from New Zealand. 14" x 10" £40

including delivery

#Herons on the #lake#art#painting

Herons on The Lake 20" x 16" 0,5"canvas. Blue water, distant hills, three Herons, two in flight, one considering it. £90

#Puppy Pals #cute #pups #dogs#painting#artfor sale

Puppy Pals cute pups 30" x 20" 1.5 deep,painted, edge  Original  £195 including delivery .

#Deer At #Powderham #Castle#kenton#devon

Deer At Powderham Castle, Devon,

Three Fallow Deer in the deer park. Nice of them to pose for me. Original art 16.5" x 11.5" on paper + mount. £70

Prints also for sale.


Son,What Are You Looking At? Bongo Antelopes in the Rain-forest

30" x 50" 0.5" approx 76cm x 50cm canvas

. £110 inc. post

By The River In Autumn art paining

By The River In Autumn

11,7" x 16.5" Art Board

£70 including delivery

Goodnight#Tree#Raddon #Hill #crediton#devon#landmark#Grey tree, pink purple sky

Lone tree Radon Hill near Crediton Devon, at sunset. Deep edge painted, canvas  24" x 18" 1.05" deep £90

Sleepy Cows And Strolling Pheasants painting original art for sale

Sleepy Cows, Strolling Pheasants on paper A pleasant country scene.not framed Original painting. £60

GardenBy the riveSiter.jpg

Garden By The Water Original art, shrubs trees flowers reflections in the water 16.5" x 11.7" not framed £75 including delivery

Horses In Landscape 19'5 x19.5" deep edge canvas

£80 including delivery.

Wild Dartmoor

Vast landscape, distant hills forest heather, granite boulders 32" x 22" including gold coloured frame and delivery. £150

Exeter Canal.with swans and ducks painting on canvas original art for sale

Swans On Exeter Canal

Canvas painted edges. 23.5" x 15.5 0.5" deep, painted edges.£80

Charlie Cat painting

Charlie Cat 8x8" deep painted edge

£18  inc. celivery From my illustrated stories

Albatros painting, flying over the oceon.



Heavy Plant Crossing.jpg